Fortnite Cattus vs Doggus: Dataminer Reveals All the Details About the Special Event?

Fortnite Cattus vs Doggus

The event known in the community as Cattus vs Doggus is now imminent, as Epic Games reminded us by announcing some changes within Fortnite.

To allow the community linked to the battle royale, many well-known data miners have announced their commitment not to disclose in advance possible information on the expected struggle between the Pressure Plant Robot and the mysterious creature that has long seemed to be stealthily wandering in the game world. However, it seems that not everyone has decided to take part in this initiative: in fact, some early news related to the event has just started spreading online. Obviously, if you want to live the event live without running the risk of running into possible spoilers, we advise you not to proceed with reading this news!

To spread the information is the active data miner on Twitter with the nickname of Kwenex, which has published numerous tweets dedicated to the event, which you can find at the bottom of this news. Inside them, some images of the mysterious ” Cattus ” Creature are shown and it is reported of how the Castle that is on the monster’s back is destined to shatter. According to the data miner, moreover, the winner will be Doggus, who during the battle will be able to wield a colossal, through which he will defeat the Creature. The event should also include the transmission of a cinematic sequence.

As usual, we remind you that the leaks they are not official information and could, therefore, turn out to be inaccurate or totally wrong: to find out definitively what will happen during this new Fortnite event: Battle Royale you just have to wait for its imminent start!