Fortnite Cattus vs. Doggus Upcoming Event: Epic Games Announces Some In-Game Changes

fortnite cattus doggus

The Epic Games team has officially started preparations for the expected new in-game event that will involve the Fortnite game island: Royal Battle.

To make it known is none other than Fortnite’s official Twitter account, which has published a decidedly interesting tweet! As you can see below, this communicates that “The countdown is almost over, and the preparations are underway!”. As a result, the Epic Games team informs us of the application of some changes to the battle royale. In particular, it was announced that the portals leading to the Royal Battle Island have been disabled within the Creative mode. At the same time, the Playground mode has also been disabled.

The waiting period that will bring new events to the game Island is now officially open. The event of the Robot vs Monsters event, also known in the community as Cattus vs Doggus, seems, therefore, to be connected to the mysterious countdown that appeared about a week ago in the gaming world. The latter will reach zero around 20:00 (GMT +2)Saturday 20 July. What do you expect to happen in the Fortnite universe: Royal Battle?

Waiting to find out what Epic Games has in store for the videogamers active on the battle royale, we inform you that the game celebrated the anniversary of the landing on the Moon with the