Fortnite Celebrates the Moon Landing With the Astronaut Skin


Today we celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the landing, and the guys at Epic Games did not miss the opportunity to join the festivities. The selection of objects in the Fortniteshop has in fact expanded with the astronaut costume called Avanguardia Oscura!

This is a legendary level skin sold for 2,000 V-Buck. Also included in the price is the back I used to decorate the Dark Void. If you want to do things right, then know that you can also buy two spaceships in the shape of a spaceship: Space Landing Module (epic, 1,200 V-Buck) and Orbital Shuttle (epic, 1,200 V-Buck). Meanwhile, the sale of the Team Leader Mecha costume introduced yesterday and the skins of the standard Brigade continues. Below is a quick overview of the daily selection.

  • Emote Mecha Fan and Squadra Monster (uncommon, 100 V-Buck each)
  • Emote Billy Rimbalzello (rare, 500 V-Buck)
  • Scorpion costume (uncommon, 800 V-Buck)
  • Castor costume (epic, 1,500 V-Buck)
  • Mecha Team Coverage (rare, animated, 500 V-Buck)
  • Banner Icons Team Mecha and Monster Team (uncommon, free)

As you can see, among the daily objects there are the emotes and banners that can be used to cheer on during the epic battle between the monster and the robot that will take place tonight at 8:00 pm (GMT +2)! Who will win according to you?