Fortnite: Leakers United to Avert the Spoilers of the Mecha vs Monster Clash!


Only a few hours before the start of the most anticipated Fortnite clash of Season 9: at 20:00 (GMT +2) today 20 July the gigantic mech built in the Pressure Plant and the mighty monster sighted off the island will finally give it a saint reason, in what promises to be a spectacular fight.

If you are a regular Fortnite player, however, you know that the details on the contents always leak in advance. Merit (or guilt?) Of data miners, who continuously analyze game files added with patches looking for information on skins and upcoming events. This time, however, things will be different. The most famous Fortnite leakers have in fact decided by mutual agreement to follow different conduct in view of the Mech vs. battle. Monster and go against their own nature: no leaks! That’s right: people like FortTory, Lucas7yoshi, XTigerHyperX, and Hypex won’t reveal anything in advance!

Epic Games, among other things, has used a new file encryption method, making the life of the data miner far more difficult than usual. According to FortTory’s statement to Kotaku, decryption is equally possible, but only shortly before the event begins. “This is the first time that Epic Games has almost completely encrypted an event to surprise the players. Let it be a surprise, then!”, said the leaker.

XTigerHyperX added: “I and many other leakers have talked about the event, and we want to see what it feels like to watch it without knowing absolutely nothing and let everyone enjoy it without spoilers. ” What do you think of their decision? At this point, we just have to wait until 8:00 pm (GMT +2) tonight to find out what will happen during the fight that will put an end to Season 9 of Fortnite. Later, we will be able to turn our attention to the Fortnite World Cup on 26-28 July and then to Season 10, whose start is scheduled for 1 August.