Gears 5 Tech Test at the Start: Some Access Problems Reported

Gears 5: Release Date, Escape Mode and Terminator with Pre-Order

After making the pre-download of the Gears 5 Tech Test availableThe Coalition team announces that the latter is finally available for gamers.

As foreseen by the plans communicated to the public by the software house, the Versus Tech Test of Gears 5 is available starting from yesterday, Friday 19 July. Players who meet the requirements to enter this first round of the new chapter of the Gears of War series can therefore now immerse themselves in the tech test.

However, it appears that the procedure for accessing it may be longer than expected. As you can in fact verify at the bottom of this news, the development team has published some updates on this via the official Gears 5 Twitter account. A queue system has been set up to regulate access to the trial, but some problems have led to waiting times longer than expected. On the social platform, The Coalition thanks the users for their patience and announces that, while it is working to solve some problems, the players could display increasing waiting times. These, however, should subsequently shrink considerably once the problems have been resolved. The official Twitter account of the game promises updates as frequently as possible. 

We take the opportunity to inform you that new details on Gears 5 campaign and PvE have recently emerged.