Gears 5 Tech Test: Published Two Patches to Solve Access Problems

Gears 5 Tech Test

Yesterday, Microsoft and The Coalition finally granted access to the Gears 5 Tech Test to all players who pre-ordered the full game and Xbox Game Pass subscribers. Too bad that not everything went the right way.

Last night, serious matchmaking problems prevented many users from trying the multiplayer component of the title. The implementation of a queue system, which has further extended waiting times, has served nothing. The guys from The Coalition, in any case, haven’t been idle, and while it was night time they worked hard to develop and publish two server-side patches. The first arrived around 5:00 (GMT +2), the second at 7:30 (GMT +2). Since these are interventions carried out on the servers, players are not required to download any additional files.

We await the response of the community to see if the intervention has had the desired effects or not. The Coalition, which is continuing to monitor the situation, has nevertheless claimed to have seen “promising signs of improvement in the Tech Test matchmaking” .

We take the opportunity to remind you that the first phase of the Gears 5 Tech Test will end at 19:00 (GMT +2) on 22 July. The second will start at 7:00 pm (GMT +2) on 26 July and will continue until the same time on day 29. The client allows players to test the Arcade multiplayer modes (which seems to be the most appreciated by Tech Test players), King of the Hill and Escalation.