John Wick: Keanu Reeves Fights in 8-Bit in the Demake Fan Made for NES Downloadable for Free


Inspired by the adrenaline-filled action scenes of John Wick 3 Parabellum, the amateur developer known in the scene as MuriloDev recreated the murderous atmosphere of the series starring Keanu Reeves in a unique video game inspired by the 8-bit shooters for NES.

John Wick’s fan-made demake is downloadable and playable for free on Windows PC from the pages of the official MuriloDev website, without requiring any third party emulator or software.

The project, as we can guess by observing the presentation film produced by the author, took a long time to complete, all drawing on the experience gained in the digital universes of 8-bit masterpieces like Contra or Metroid.

According to the standards of modern shooter action, of course, the playful offer made by MuriloDev turns out to be rather meager, with platform sessions reduced to the bone and shootings against enemies with newly outlined artificial intelligence. And yet, those who have spent their childhood digging a niche on their couch to spend entire days in front of the family’s NES will certainly appreciate the efforts made by the author of this project.

To the old and new fans of Keanu Reeves, instead, we remember that the mythical Neo of Matrix will be one of the protagonists of Cyberpunk 2077.