Kingdom Hearts 3 in the USA: It Is Now the Best-Selling Game in the Saga!

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Kingdom Hearts 3 made its debut on the western videogame market in January 2019, bringing back to the screen the great saga developed by the Square Enix team.

The title allowed gamers to return to exploring countless worlds in the company of Sora, Donald, Goofy and a large number of characters belonging to the universes of Disney and Pixar. Highly awaited by fans of the saga, Kingdom Hearts 3 has achieved decidedly significant commercial goals, both in the East and in the West. The game in fact leads the ranking of the most sold games in Japan in 2019, but not only. According to reports by Matt Piscatella, analyst of the videogame market of the NPD team, the game has also conquered US videogamers. In the USA, Kingdom Hearts 3 is now the best selling chapter of the whole Square Enix saga! But that’s not all: the game is also the second most successful game for the first half of 2019 US video game.

The third episode of the saga, therefore, goes beyond the sales results achieved in the United States by Kingdom Hearts, Kingdom Hearts 2 and the other chapters linked, in different ways, to this great videogame adventure. What do you think, what is your favorite chapter in the series? We also take the opportunity to remind you that Kingdom Hearts 3 will soon be expanded thanks to the expansion of Re Mind.