Kratos, Atreus and Freya Among the Characters of God of War: The Card Game

God of War: The Card Game

After being announced last April, here is God of War: The Card Game officially receiving its first characters and their respective decks which will feature several of the protagonists of the latest Norse adventure packaged by Sony Santa Monica.

The first to be treated, of course, is Kratos : it is a character that – even here – bases its strategy on brute force, with a deck of cards focused almost exclusively on the attack and with a special ability unlocked thanks to the mechanics of Anger that allows him to get a +3 on his next attack and a +3 to his vitality.

Atreus looks like a character quite similar to Kratos, with a few points less to Vitality compensated by greater versatility on the front of special abilities (for example, it can attack two enemies simultaneously without the possibility of being blocked). Even his deck, in any case, revolves around a purely offensive strategy.

Freya instead appears as a more peculiar character, able to give Boosts to her allies and to defend them completely from a single attack by unlocking the ability of Anger. His deck is more varied than the previous ones, including some special cards that can make the difference on the field.
Among the other well-known faces of God of War we also find Mimir, and the dynamic Brok and Sindri duo: find all further details in this regard by following this address.

In God of War The Card Game, you will play fearless heroes and you will combine a series of narrative events to try to stop the Ragnarok, the Apocalypse as it is known within the imagery of Norse mythology. The card game will be playable up to four participants and will be launched on the market in the third quarter of 2019. Meanwhile, we take advantage of the opportunity to inform you that in Dreams the iconic Leviathan ax has been recreated and challenged by Kratos.