Nintendo Switch and Joy-Con Drifting: The Class Action Against the Kyoto House Starts


What’s Joy-Con Drifting is an existing problem since the launch of Nintendo Switch. This terminology identifies a defect in an operation linked to the pair of pads in the hybrid console, with the latter continuing to record the inputs of the analog sticks even if they are in a neutral position.

The result? The character and the camera continue to move until the player intervenes with new input. This is a rather serious problem, which requires an extra dose of attention and which can invalidate the outcome of the matches if the player leaves the game station for a moment without pausing. Over the months, different artisan solutions have been proposed, which provide for the removal of dust and dirt or oil of the lever mechanisms. The fact is that the problem continues to present itself and in recent times has risen again to the attention of the lawyers of Chimicles, Schwartz Kriner & Donaldson-Smith.

After assessing the situation, the US law firm thus decided to officially present a Class Action (a collective lawsuit) against Nintendo of America “to make a complaint about the alleged defect of the Joy-Con controllers that are part of the Nintendo Switch console”. The law firm invites all players who have encountered drifting problems to join the collective action. Nintendo of America has not yet issued a statement.

It will be interesting to follow the developments of the matter. You can contact the studio by filling out the dedicated form (the opportunity seems to be reserved for US citizens), while the complete document of the complaint can be consulted on the official website of the law firm.