Pokemon Masters: Coaches Will Have a “Poryphone” at Their Disposal!


Pokemon Masters will offer Pokemon fans the opportunity to try their hand at a new videogame production entirely dedicated to creatures created by Game Freak developers.

The title will carry gamers to the artificial island of Patios, where epic Pokemon battles will take place, of which the new Pokemon Masters trailer provided an exciting first glimpse. The video also provided new details on gameplay dynamics and production features.

An interesting new detail on Pokemon Masters now emerges from the official Twitter account of the game. The social channel in fact informs the new aspiring Pokemon Trainers who will be able to count on a nice tool during their adventure. This is the “Poryphone”, a device that thanks to different features will allow you to have access to various useful information. Unfortunately, no more in-depth details have been provided, but it is still possible to view a first preview image: you can find it attached to the twitter at the bottom of this news. What do you think, curious to know its features?

Waiting to learn more, we remind you that Pokemon Masters is expected in the summer of 2019 on iOS and Android mobile devices. In the game, there will be many faces known to fans of the series, including Brock and Misty, while Pikachu will be the companion Pokemon of our videogame alter-ego.