PS4, Firmware Update 6.72 and Error SU-30645-8: Here’s How to Solve the Problem


On Tuesday, July 16th, Sony made the new 6.72 firmware update for Playstation 4 available to owners of their home console.

However, it appears that some users have experienced some contingencies during the update installation. In particular, as you can see in the twitters that find directly at the bottom of this news, a specific problem has created problems for some gamers: the Error SU-30645-8. To support users in difficulty who have requested advice via the social platform, the official Twitter account of the Ask Playstation support has arrived, suggesting that the update be installed using a USB pen while the PlayStation 4 is in Safe Mode.

First, therefore, it is necessary to download the most recent update from a PC and insert it on a flash drive following this procedure:

  • Insert the key in the PC;
  • Create a folder on the stick called PS4;
  • Inside the PS4 folder create a second one, called UPDATE;
  • Download the update from this address and save it in the UPDATE folder. The file is called PS4UPDATE.PUP, don’t rename it!

After that, you need to apply the update while the PS4 is in Safe Mode. To activate this mode it is necessary to hold down the power button while the console is off until it beeps twice. At this point, connect the Dualshock 4 with the cable, insert the USB stick with the update you have just downloaded, select Update system software and then Update from a USB storage device. Once this is done, all you have to do is wait for the procedure to finish.

Finally, we point out that someone managed to avoid the appearance of the SU-30645-8 error by changing the network. One user, in particular, instead of the housewife has exploited the cell phone as a hotspot. In this way, he was able to complete the installation of the new update without any problems. Keep in mind, however, that this procedure is going to affect the GB reserve in your data plan.