SEGA Will No Longer Publish the New Interior Night Narrative Video Game

Interior Night

From the pages of Gamasutra, Bobby Wertheim of SEGA Europe announces the conclusion of the partnership signed in early 2018 with Interior Night for the publication of the narrative video game developed by the new software house founded by Caroline Marchal, ex Quantic Dream.

“We have great respect for that studio and I am a close friend of several people in the team,” said the head of the European division of SEGA adding immediately after that “we have no narrative video game in our catalog, and this It was really a new challenge for SEGA. In the end, not all the projects we set ourselves go as we expect, so this is the end of the relationship with Interior Night, but we are working hard to find the next big idea as soon as possible. “it’s out there”.

Despite the apparent divergence of views between SEGA and Interior Night suggested by the tones of Wertheim’s message, Caroline Marchal is keen to stress that “it was a pleasure to work with SEGA and have their support during the first days of our studio “In the end, we decided to separate ourselves amicably for strategic reasons. However, the development of our video game, a narrative experience aimed at a mature and innovative audience, is progressing well. We are hoping to announce our new partnership in due course”.

Various authors from SCE London Studio and Quantic Dream will collaborate with the mysterious video game being developed at Interior Night’s digital forges, with a wealth of previous experience that includes titles such as Heavy Rain, Wonderbook The Book of Spells and Beyond Two Souls. The leaders of SEGA, for their part, in addition to reaffirming the desire to seek a new ally to create narrative video games have recently confirmed their desire to continue to republish the classic games that have written the history of the Japanese company.