Sky: The New Game by the Authors of Journey Will Also Come on PC and Console, Promises Chen

Sky Children of the Light

To celebrate the launch on the iPhone of Sky Children of the Light, Jenova Chen takes advantage of the media showcase given to her by Game Informer to promise to soon develop the PC version and console of the new project of Thatgamecompany, the authors of Journey and Flower.

According to reports from Chen during the podcast in which he participated in the company of the GI editorial staff, the boss of the California development company explained that Sky “is able to reach anything, can adapt beautifully to any videogame context”.

Discussing the approach he could take to deal with the transposition on Sky’s PC and console , Journey’s dad does not hide his concerns and declares that a possible “major version” of Children of the Light “will probably not be free (like the mobile version for iOS systems, ed) , it really took a lot of money to make this game! On the other hand, surely the console version will have a richer and high definition graphic”.

With regard to the list of platforms on which the title will be published and possible launch times, Chen concludes his speech by declaring that “we will share all the information with you when we have a certain date to communicate and everything will be fixed, but surely it will arrive by the end of the year on a lot of platforms “ . While waiting to understand when it will be possible to dive into the clouds of the new adventure of the authors of Journey and what will be the graphic improvements and, why not, contents that we will experience on PC and console.