Tekken 7 Has Officially Exceeded 4 Million Copies Sold

Tekken 7

Through a tweet published a little while ago by Mark Julio, head of the Brand & Community division of Tekken 7, we learn that the famous Bandai Namco Entertainment brawler has reached and exceeded 4 million copies sold worldwide.

Although they are not exorbitant numbers when compared with other large blockbusters of the industry, it is necessary to point out that for the kind of membership, the fighting games, this is an excellent result for the most recent iteration of the historical Bandai Namco saga. The announcement came through Mark Julio’s twitter that you can find at the bottom of the news, where the Mishima Zaibatsu pin, advertised at Comic-Con 2019 in San Diego, is advertised.

Over time, spurred on by the passionate community that still continues to populate the game servers massively, the development team decided to continue supporting the 3D fighting game with two Season Passes. The last characters to have been introduced into the roster were Julia, the historic face of the franchise, and Negan, a star introduced by The Walking Dead.

We remind readers that Tekken 7 is now available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Bandai Namco’s game proved to be one of the most popular fighting games during registration for the new edition of EVO, the most important competition for fans of the genre.