The Japanese Edition of Dragon Quest XI S for Switch Has Entered the Gold Phase

The Japanese Edition of Dragon Quest XI S

Already available on PC and PS4 from 2017, Dragon Quest XI S: Definitive Edition is getting closer and closer to its Nintendo Switch debut. As confirmed by the producer of the game, Hokuto Okamoto, the Japanese edition of the new chapter of Square-Enix’s JRPG series has officially entered the Gold phase.

The news confirms that the development of this new version of the game has been completed, and the title is now being prepared for the printing phases. The Western version of the JRPG should also be completed in the coming weeks, with Square-Enixallegedly going to finish working on the various locations.

We remind readers that Dragon Quest XI S: Definitive Edition will be available on Nintendo Switch starting September 27, 2019. It is an enriched and expanded version of the JRPG, where you will find new stories for the characters, orchestral music for the adventure and battle sections, other monsters to ride, side missions set in the worlds of the previous Dragon Quest, and the ability to switch between 3D and 2D graphics.