The Microsoft Store May Soon Receive Support for the Mod

Microsoft Store

The Microsoft Store has never been fully appreciated by PC gamers. Initially very closed, lacking in functionality and full of bugs, over time it has however improved a lot thanks to the continuous updates of the Redmond house.

Recently, for example, the Windows 10 Game Bar made its debut, which greatly simplifies the in-game experience of gamers. We are still far from perfection and completeness of the Steam client, but the road seems to be the right one. Soon, by the way, it could also come to another incredibly requested feature, namely the support to the Mods of the games. Most geek users have discovered that the latest Windows 10 update added a folder called ModifiableWindowsApps within ProgramFiles, which apparently would allow editing of Windows apps. An opportunity that would seem to be reserved only for some applications, including video games.

The following is read on Microsoft’s developer site“At the moment, this element is intended for use only by some PC desktop games from Microsoft and our partners” . While we are writing no title makes use of this functionality, and we do not even know the level of customization that will be granted. In any case, it has all the air of being the first step towards complete support for Mods for Windows 10 applications downloaded from Microsoft Store.