Astral Chain: The Director of the Platinum Games Game Reveals His Favorite Legion!

Astral Chain: Half an Hour of Explosive Action in the Gameplay Video of the Nintendo Treehouse

Missing just over a month now on the market debut of the expected new production of the talented Platinum Games team and the Director of Astral Chain has shared some considerations on the game.

In an interview, Takahisa Taura spent a few words on the different features of the exclusive Nintendo Switch. Among the topics addressed, of course, the five Legion of Astral Chain, which will represent a faithful companion for our videogame alter ego. Asked what his favorite was, Taura did not hesitate to express a preference, declaring: “I really like them all, and you should learn to use all of them … but I am a little fond of the Beast Legion. It’s a bit personal, but since I was young, we have always had a dog at home “. This has led Taura to bind itself particularly to the latter. “In fact, – he specified – if you use the action button while standing next to the Beast Legion in the game, you can pet it. ” And what do you think, do you already have your favorite Legion?