Borderlands 3, from Miley Cyrus to One Foot: Here Are the Discarded Versions of the Cover

Borderlands 3 Will Be The Biggest, Most Ambitious And Fun In The Series, Promises Gearbox

At the San Diego Comic-Con 2019 the Museum of Mayhem has been set up, an exhibition entirely dedicated to the Borderlands saga where it is possible to admire concept art, preparatory sketches and many other creations. Among the many, there are also some covers of Borderlands 3 discarded that have not held up the comparison with the definitive one.

Judging by the photos taken by ResetEra users, the guys at Gearbox Software have even considered the possibility of maintaining the concept of the covers of the first two games , which saw a Psycho mimic the gesture of shooting first with one hand (in the progenitor ) and then with two (in the second chapter). The arms, however, are two, so the graphic designers have well thought to make up for the lack of a foot! This, in any case, was not the only proposal to be screened. There are so many, from a newborn Psycho to a female with stilettos, passing through imitation of the pose of Miley Cyrus in the video of Wrecking Ball to the cast of characters that explodes out of the brain of an enemy. You can admire them all in the gallery below, let us know which one is your favorite!

As you well know, at the end Gearbox opted for the wonderful artwork attached to the top of this news, which has not struggled to get the consent of the community. It will end on all Borderlands 3 editions of Standard, Deluxe and Super Deluxe that will hit the shelves next September 13th. Before saying goodbye, we invite you to watch the beautiful trailer All together happily if you haven’t done it yet.