Control Graphics: New Comparative Images With or Without Ray Tracing

Control: The E3 2019 Teaser Trailer Accompanies the Pre-Order Opening

As the same vertexes of Remedy Entertainment have repeatedly stated, full and native support for Ray Tracing will be granted to Control buyers on PCs with an Nvidia GeForce RTX graphics card. How does the thrilling universe of Control change enabling DXR lighting, then?

JuxtaposeJS and the colleagues of asked themselves the same question and, with the contribution of Remedy and their demo, they tried to answer it by making the comparative image gallery at the bottom of the news.

Looking at the shots in the gallery we can see the subtle but important differences represented by the different approach that the Ray Tracing in Control technology guarantees in the management of the dynamic lighting system , representing on the screen the reflection effects on the water mirrors and rebound caused from every single beam of light on the surfaces of a three-dimensional scene.

The pervasiveness of Ray Tracing in Control’s playful offer built on the solid (albeit somewhat heavy) foundation of Remedy ‘s Northlight Engine , however, will have a rather high cost on the computational resources requested by the authors following Sam Lake, as reiterated from the high system requirements necessary to better appreciate the Metroidvania adventure in paranormal sauce starring Jesse Faden in his battle against the Sibilo .

In letting you admire the image gallery at the end of the article, we take advantage of the moment to remind you that Control will be released on August 27th on PC ( exclusively on Epic Games Store ), PS4 and Xbox One.