Death Stranding: Keanu Reeves Was Among the Candidates, a Mechanical Tribute to Donkey Kong

Death Stranding: Let's Review All the Trailers of the Hideo Kojima Game!

The 2019 edition of Comic-Con in San Diego is the stage chosen by Hideo Kojima to share with the public some interesting curiosities about his expected new videogame creature.

During the event, in fact, a panel was held entirely dedicated to Death Stranding, during which the author told a nice “behind the scenes” story of the development of the title. In particular, Kojima revealed that Keanu Reeves could have been part of the project! The well-known actor, who lends his features to a Cyberpunk 2077 character, had in fact been proposed to Kojima as an interpreter for the role of Cliff. However, the author has instead opted for the assignment of the assignment to Mads Mikkelsen, now among the iconic faces of the production.

Among the information shared during the panel, check also a rather curious detail and linked to one of the gameplay mechanics glimpsed in the last trailer of Death Stranding. Referring to the possibility of using an extensible ladder to explore play areas, Hideo Kojima stated that it is a sort of homage to great classics of the early gaming industry, such as Donkey Kong and Super Mario!

On the occasion of the same panel, there was space to deepen the narrative background of Heartman, a character played by Nicolas Winding Refn. Furthermore, at Comic-Con the cover image of Death Stranding.