Death Stranding, PS4 Only Temporal Exclusive? the Official Cover Suggests It

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During a panel held at the San Diego Comic-Con 2019 in the past few hours, the good Hideo Kojima has unveiled the official Death Stranding covers that will be used for the Standard edition and for the Steelbook that will be included in the Special and Collector’s editions.

In addition to the goodness of the composition, another very important detail came to our eyes and those of the fans. On both covers, the “Only on PlayStation” sticker is absent, which is usually reserved for all the exclusive Sony totals. The wording is also missing on the poster that you can see at the bottom of this notice. Why?

As is well known, the awaited title of Hideo Kojima will be released on November 8th exclusively on the PlayStation 4 version, but the absence of the sticker could have opened the door to a new scenario. Whether it’s just an exclusive time? In the past, it has already been rumored of a possible landing on PC, a possibility that not even Hideo Kojima himself felt to exclude completely. Kojima Productions, after all, is not an internal Sony studio, and it may be free to bring its game to other platforms, as Quantic Dream’s guys have done in recent times. Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls and Detroit Become Human, all games exclusively released on PlayStation 3 and 4, have recently found their way to the PC.

At the moment the details of the agreement between Sony and Kojima Productions are not known, so ours should be considered as mere speculation. Meanwhile, we continue to consider Death Stranding as a PS4 exclusive.