Dino Crisis Remake: Here Are the First Gameplay Videos of the Fan Made Project on Unreal Engine 4


The amateur developers gathered in the Arklay Team publish the first game videos of Dino Crisis Remake, the amateur project realized on Unreal Engine 4 to celebrate the twenty years of the Capcom saga and pay tribute to the genius of Shu Takumi and Shinji Mikami.

In the videos made by the collective of the Arklay Team, we are shown some settings recreated with the high-performance Epic Games graphic engine starting from the iconic scenarios of the original survival horror masterpiece, each completely redesigned from scratch to guarantee an original but respectful of the great classic.

The same authors of this project, however, do not hide the fact that the creation of the Dino Crisis remake will require considerable efforts and a huge amount of work hours to reach an acceptable level: in any case, the Arklay Team promises to publish the title completely free on the PC, both in its final form (if at all possible) and with its demos.

Despite the fact that several years have passed since the launch of the last chapter of the series, the epic action of Dino Crisis continues to fill the fans’ dreams, as shown by the interest aroused by GameStop USA tweets in the days that anticipated E3 2019 If you wish to retrace the story of the saga in the hope that the fan-made project of Dino Crisis Remake will see the light in a playable form as soon as possible, we suggest you admire the video of our episode of My Generation dedicated, precisely, to Dino Crisis, the legendary Resident Evil with dinosaurs .