Fortnite, Mysterious Luminous Sphere on Shore of Sacking: Its Appearance Has Changed!

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After a long period of curiosity and expectation from the community, the Cattus vs Doggus event has finally come to life in-game during the evening of Saturday 20 July.

As widely expected by the public, the mysterious Creatura and the equally curious robot assembled at the Pressure Plant facility faced each other in an epic battle. The battle saw the colossal mech triumph, long dubbed “Doggus” by the community. As per tradition, the event organized by the Epic Games team has produced some changes on Fortnite Island, among which the appearance of a mysterious luminous sphere above the Sponda del Saccing area stands out.

The latter attracted the curiosity of many players, who, from yesterday, are carefully monitoring its appearance. Well, it seems that the observations have already produced some results: as you can in fact verify at the bottom of this news, on Twitter, there are several reports that indicate a change. In particular, in less than 24 hours, the sphere seems to have experienced an increase in activity within its nucleus. For now, Epic Games has not provided clues about the nature and functions of this mysterious sphere: what do you think its purpose can be?