Overwatch: Will the Hero 31 Be Sigma? Blizzard Publishes a Mysterious Teaser

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Blizzard’s social media channels republish on their Twitter profile a reduced and modified version of Overwatch’s latest video of the Coda Ruoli ‘s announcement queue to hide inside a cryptic message that anticipates the presentation of the Hero number 31 of their iconic multiplayer shooter.

In this video, Blizzard shows numerical sequences and mathematical formulas arising from a sort of black hole that ideally swallows the poor lead developer Jeff Kaplan, a rather unusual ploy that helps feed the curiosity about the announcement that will inevitably be made in the coming days from the California software house.

To help us make a little ‘clarity on the issue, however, we think the managers of official social profiles of Overwatch Mexico with the dissemination of an explanatory image of the Roles Queue that shows, in a rather unambiguous, the face and the name of a character unknown to fans of Blizzard’s competitive FPS, or Sigma’s .

Waiting to understand how the matter will evolve and to discover what are the skills and equipment elements of this new hero, we remind you that the Blizzard leaders have recently announced the introduction of a function that leads to the forced blocking of matches of Overwatch ruined by cheaters.