PS5 and Xbox Scarlett Must Take an Example from the Uniqueness of Switch, for Inti Creates

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Missing a year for the debut of the next generation of consoles, and as you well know in the environment we are not talking about anything else. Sony and Microsoft have already given us an idea of ​​the incredible power we will be dealing with, but most of the details on PS5 and Xbox Scarlett are still unknown.

It is not surprising, therefore, that in addition to the players, the experts also want to have their say on the issue. Takuya Aizu, president of Inti Creates (Japanese studio responsible for Mega Man 9 and 10, Mighty No. 9, Gal * Gun), during an interview with VGC, stated that PlayStation 5 and Xbox Scarlett should take an example from uniqueness of Nintendo Switch, which “does things that no system can do” . For the president, the new systems “will need to offer an experience that players can only live by owning them”. He concluded by saying: “I believe that, especially with the precedent that Nintendo Switch has established, that uniqueness is more important than ever, now “ .

What do you think of his words? Do you also believe that PS5 and Xbox Scarlett should offer something unique and distinctive, in addition to brute power? Meanwhile, in these days we have learned that, after missing E3 2019, Sony will participate in the Gamescom and the Tokyo Game Show: is the time to finally learn more about PS5 coming?