Sigma Is Preparing to Debut in Overwatch? New Teaser From Blizzard!

Overwatch Third Anniversary: ​​the Special Event Officially Kicks Off!

The community of gamers active on the heroic shooter of the Blizzard house have been wondering for several hours now if a new character is preparing to make his debut inside Overwatch.

To tickle the fan’s imagination and instil the seed of doubt was the software house itself, which shared a first mysterious teaser through its social channels. The latter, through a nice trick, seems to suggest that the identity of the thirty-first Hero of the game could be that of “Sigma”.

To further stimulate the curiosity of the fans and to push further assumptions in this direction, a second teaser has now intervened. In fact, Blizzard used Overwatch’s official Twitter account to post an unusual twitter. As you can see at the bottom of the news, the latter shows a short clip, inside which a sort of badge is framed, the wording of which seems to suggest a further reference to a character who bears the name “Sigma”. In the background, we can also hear, in the first few seconds, a musical melody, on whose nature the same Tweet is questioned. That the announcement of the Overwatch Hero 31could actually be imminent?

Waiting to learn more, we remind you that the Summer Games special event is currently active in the game, during which it is possible to get new Overwatch skins.