The Very Rare ET Video Game on the Atari 2600 Ends up Auctioning for $90,000

Atari 2600

A fan of video games and vintage consoles shakes the collectors’ scene deciding to auction his copy of Extra Terrestrials for Atari 2600, one of the rarest videogames on the planet due to the small number of reduced copies, that is about 100 in the now far away 1983.

Given the high number of requests received before launching this initiative, the lucky owner of Extra Terrestrials decided to auction his copy, allowing potential buyers to skip the die and win the item for the modest sum of $90,000.

According to the seller, the price of the cartridge is so high not only because it is the first time that a copy of Extra-Terrestrial is auctioned but, above all, because the only known owners of the game are museums. Similar operations have also been carried out by other collectors with video games such as Stadium Events for NES, auctioned for about 42,000 dollars and remained, since then, one of the most expensive video games in the world.

The story of Extra-Terrestrials, moreover, is particularly interesting and involves a handful of independent developers who, on the wings of enthusiasm for the launch of the ET L’Extraterrestre film and the video game of the same name, are committed to creating this title. Unfortunately for its authors, the collapse of the videogame industry in 1984 led them to revise their plans to force them to sell the 100 cartridges printed up to that point, hoping to return the development costs and the hours work lost to make the game as a hobby.