Waiting for GTA 6: Here Is How the 4K Mods of GTA 5 Run on a Thousand-Dollar PC

4k Mods of GTA 5

The rumours on GTA 6 do not seem to abate and, also, for this reason, the Grand Theft Auto V modders try to dilute the wait for the announcement of the new chapter of the epic free-roaming experimenting with the hyper-realistic 4K models of GTA 5.

The author of the spectacular video that stands out at the beginning of the article is the usual DubStepZz, the creator of content on YouTube specializing in 4K videos of GTA 5 with or without Ray Tracing. The latest YouTuber movie allows us to admire the progress made by modders in the creation of amateur patches with very high definition textures and tools that, like the famous ReShade seen in titles like The Witcher 3 and Battlefield 5, contribute to improving the already excellent graphics segment of the Great R masterpiece.

To push GTA 5 to the limits of photorealism, DubStepZz claims to have spent the beauty of $ 10,000 to assemble a gaming PC with a latest-generation CPU and two Nvidia RTX 2080 Ti video cards in SLI : despite all the exaggerations of the case, the investment made by the YouTuber must not have been of the lightest, especially considering the need to reach 8K resolution (the video does not exceed 4K due to the current upload limitations of the Google streaming platform) and to implement the Ray Tracing.

Before leaving you to the new video of GTA 5 in 4K, we remind you that the multiplayer universe of GTA Online will soon be shaken by the opening of the Vinewood Diamond Casino & Resort.