A Skeleton for a Friend: The ESRB Explains the Teen Rating of MediEvil Remaster

Medievil for PS4 Shows Itself in a New Trailer Launch Date Announced!

If only he could, that little bony little boy from Sir Daniel Fortesque wouldn’t hurt even a fly. The Teen rating given by the ESRB to MediEvil Remaster confirms the good heart of the hero of the new exclusive adventure on PS4 and reveals further details about the project in view of its release.

Having overcome the due narrative preamble that depicts the contours of the digital framework within which our fearless alter-ego must move, the US body in charge of certification and classification of video games underlines the innocuous nature of the action and “pseudo-splatter” elements that will characterize the work.

Despite the indication of the rating, in the description offered by the ESRB, it is emphasized, however, that in MediEvil Remaster “the enemies are in some way stylized and include headless zombies, people hanging from a noose or a gallows and impaled monsters. it is highlighted by cries of pain and frequent splashes of blood. A gamebook includes stylized and comic images of headless zombies and creatures with exposed bowels, while an introductory scene shows the bloody stump of a disembodied hand crawling through the environment”.

In the hope that Sir Daniel Fortesque does not hurt the sensitivity of the younger generations who will immerse themselves in the gloomy atmospheres of his new (but also old) fantasy epic, we remind you that MediEvil Remaster will be released on October 25th exclusively on PS4.