Dragon Quest S: Square Enix Reveals New Details About Unpublished Content for Switch

Dragon Quest S

The definitive edition of Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of a Lost Era, contains some changes and improvements, but also some new additions such as new quests for Nintendo Switch. Square Enix has recently revealed some.

Among the new content and the new stories that we are about to report, there may be spoilers relating to the game, so if you have not yet completed it, consider at your own risk whether to continue reading or not.

The Unknown Stories of Your Party Come to Light

  • Discover from the perspective of each character, what happened after the moment of the game in which the party separates and splits around the world.

Erik and the Mysterious Partner

  • Erik is held captive in the hideout of monsters. You seem to be planning an escape with a Healslime called Homirin

The Traveling Performer of Hope

  • Sylvando visits Gondolia, where he meets people harassed by thieves, and tries to change things

The Noble War Princess Jade

  • Jade, visiting Octagonia, is imprisoned in another world by Booga

Rab and the Kingdom of Fortune

  • Rab chases a rabbit and arrives in a mysterious world that turns out to be an unexpected and nostalgic place

There will also be a new unreleased story about Hendrik and Jasper.

Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of a Lost Era – Definitive Edition, will arrive on Nintendo Switch starting September 27th.