Expex of Apex Legends: Respawn Wand Who Plays With Mouse and Keyboard on Console

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After resolving the Havoc glitch, Respawn Entertainment’s leaders say they are ready to intervene to solve the problem caused by those who, using an Apex Legends exploit on consoles, managed to unlock the use of the mouse and keyboard in the dual PS4 and Xbox One version of their battle royale.

From the pages of Reddit, the Community Manager of Respawn, Jay “JayFresh” Frechette, explains, in fact, to be aware of the problem and to want to remedy it as soon as possible to avoid that the gaming experience on consoles is upset by those who exploit this exploit to obtain an in-game advantage.

“What is our position on this exploit and on who uses it? The short answer is: we don’t want to forgive it”, was the laconic message that JayFresh wanted to send to Apex Legends fans to confirm that “we are testing and studying ways to find out if players use this exploit to take advantage of it. This is all we can say about it for now, but we will return to offer you all the updates once we are able to announce the contrast measures we will take in the near future”.

To pay attention to Frechette, in short, the ban of the ban could fall very soon on those who have decided to exploit the exploit in question to circumvent the rules of conduct of Apex Legends with the sole purpose of obtaining an advantage in the game using mouse and keyboard to replace the controller. Did you also know that Respawn intends to re-establish the order on the Apex Legends servers by choosing to confine the cheaters in special lobbies?