Fortnite: Announced a Competitive Tournament Exclusively on PS4

Fortnite Challenges Week 8

The competitive players of the battle royale are naturally very concentrated on the Fortnite World Cup coming this weekend, but for those who are hungry for tournaments it is not the only thing to keep an eye on, and Epic Games is only now beginning to unbutton on what will come in the future.

In recent days, in fact, a Fortnite competitive tournament was announced exclusively for players on Xbox One, and it seems that even PlayStation 4 users will eventually receive the same treatment. This was announced by Nathan Mooney, community manager of Epic Games, who revealed the arrival of a championship dedicated to PS4 players after the Fortnite World Cup.

There is currently no information on the release date or format of the competition, but it will probably be something like the Xbox One event, which is open to the 1500 best players in the game, who will compete for the final prize of one million dollars.

Of course, we will keep you updated with all the information about it as soon as they are available. What do you think? Does the final prize attract you? Will you try to be among the 1500 participants in the competition or will you be limited to spectators?

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