Fortnite: Announced the Winner of the Mat Creators Competition

Fortnite: The New Beach Assault Mode

In recent months, Epic Games has launched the Creators MAT Competition for Fortnite, an unprecedented success with over 5,500 Limited-Time Mode proposals received. In the last few hours, the winner has finally been elected!

Epic Games has established a set of MAT parameters, including good aesthetics and interesting visual themes, engaging game mechanics and good overall map design. Following careful evaluation, the winning MAT was found to be Beach Assault (Assault on the Beach) of Prudiz.

” The MAT creators competition offered the creators the first chance to see their work published in the game as MAT. Now, this opportunity is open to everyone, always. Next season we will introduce you to many other creative MATs. Keep sending us your best work with the appropriate form: you will have a chance to show your works to the whole world.

As we have said before, there will be different types of opportunities for creators. Game Jam is a new and fantastic way to bring together the community, collaborate and create bonds. In the coming months, we will organize a series of Game Jam around the world. Keep an eye out for more information on our social media channels.