Game Pass and Project xCloud Will Mark the Massive Success of Xbox, According to Microsoft

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Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella spoke on Gamasutra’s microphones to be certain that the strategy carried out by the Redmond company with Xbox Game Pass and Project xCloud will allow the company to conquer an increasingly large market in the gaming market.

“We have a social network like Xbox Live which is the best in the industry, a rapidly growing service like Xbox Game Pass and a long-term business model that provides full support for Project xCloud and its game streaming service,” he begins Nadella before affirming that “I, therefore, believe that Microsoft is really well-positioned with respect to what will be a much larger market than the traditional videogame, even compared to all the success we have achieved in the years in which we operate in the video game industry” .

The focus on technologies and services such as Xbox Live, Game Pass and Project xCloud will, therefore, be the key to Microsoft’s long-term success , or at least this is the thought expressed by its CEO, reiterating, however, that in the future there will be space also for consolidated economic models like the one that involves the development of video games Triple-A: “Going forward, we think that any point of arrival can be in this sector is still great for those who want to develop high-end games” .

What do you think of Satya Nadella’s statements? While waiting to hear your opinion, we remind you that in July it will be possible to download MGS5 and Resident Evil 4 through the Game Pass, as well as Blair Witch and many other indies whose arrival in the catalogue of subscribers to the Windows 10 PC service and Xbox One should take place within the next few months .