Lots of New Details About the Project Avengers Endgame: There Will Also Be New Villains

Marvel's Avengers: Hulk and Captain America

Presented with great fanfare at E3 2019, Marvel’s Avengers is a highly anticipated game by both fans of the franchise and video games in general, but so far not too much information has arrived on the title produced by Square Enix.

Fortunately, during a recent interview, Crystal Dynamics creative director Noah Hughes shed light on some important features of the video game, one of all the endgames.

Once the main campaign is completed, the threats we face in the game will not disappear at all. Indeed, the enemies that populate the areas will increase their power and become much more insidious and complex to beat. The post-campaign experience will become progressively more difficult, and for this, it will require an increasingly organized cooperation between the players.

During the endgame it will be possible to gain aesthetic customizations and continue to level your character, and it seems that we will also see the presence of new villains that, having been described as “much bigger enemies” than the common ones, could be defeated in activity similar to the classic raids now typical of Game as a Service.

Furthermore, to keep the interest in Marvel’s Avengers alive, Crystal Dynamics has in mind to release new content such as heroes, maps and more, for free.

Marvel’s Avengers will be available on PS4, Xbox One, PC and Stadia on May 15th. What do you expect from the game? To learn more, have you already taken a look at the Marvel’s Avengers gameplay leaked at the San Diego Comic-Con?