Nintendo Switch Was the Most Sought After Product During the Amazon Prime Day 2019

Nintendo Switch China

The independent research company Hitwise has compiled the ranking of the most sought after products on Amazon in the USA, UK and Australia during the Prime Day on 15 and 16 July. First and foremost, Nintendo Switch that easily surpasses even the most famous tech products.

Nintendo Switch has been able to count on 1.90 million searches, a figure that ranks first in the following ranking of televisions (1.82 million), Amazon Fire Stick (1.66 million) and headphones (1.30 million).

Top 10 Amazon Prime Day 2019

  1. Nintendo Switch – 1.90 million
  2. TV – 1.82 million
  3. Amazon Fire Stick – 1.66 million
  4. Headphones – 1.30 million
  5. Air Fryer – 1.28 million
  6. Instant Pot – 1.26 million
  7. Fitbit – 1.25 million
  8. Wireless headphones – 1.20 million
  9. Ring Doorbell – 1.18 million
  10. iPad – 1.16 million

Closes the iPad ranking with 1.16 million searches, to be noted above all as the PS4 and PS4 PRO offers are not enough to bring the Sony console in the standings. Not even the Xbox manages to get into the Top 10 while, as mentioned, Switch exceeds even a decidedly fierce competition that also includes popular hi-tech products such as TVs and headphones.