Pokemon Go: Pikachu With a Straw Hat Is Available Today!

Announced a Collaboration Between Pokemon Go and One Piece!

The special Pikachu with a straw hat in Pokemon GO, a summer bonus for all coaches, who will be able to find this nice variation of Pikachu until July 29, is available today, Monday 22 July.

If you enjoy collecting Pikachu with cute hats in Pokémon GO, you still lack a unique piece. The latest in Pikachu’s big family with a hat will soon be available and will wear a straw hat! From July 22 to 29 you will meet this Pikachu special and add it to your collection. The original Pikachu straw hat is perfect for protecting yourself from the scorching sun on sunny summer days. If you want to combine the outfit of your avatar with Pikachu, a coordinated straw hat will be available in the Boutique.

This is just one of the many summer new features of Pokemon GO, always the richest season for the Niantic Labs game. In August the company should publish many other interesting contents, in addition to introducing Team Rocket, whose presence has been revealed by the data miner in recent weeks.