Will Splatoon 3 Be Made? for the Moment the Game Is Not in Development

Splatoon 3

The Splatoon series brought a breath of fresh air to Nintendo and there are many admirers of the game, although outside of Japan the sales results of Splatoon were not always exciting. Unfortunately, it does not seem that at the moment there is something new on the horizon.

After the excellent second chapter, many people are hoping for Splatoon 3, but it was the same producer of the game Hisashi Nogami, who revealed that at the moment there are no plans for the future of the series, and therefore Splatoon 3 does not is currently under development.

This does not mean that the possibility of a third chapter coming is excluded, but simply that it is not a priority for Nintendo right now. Nogami explained that the team has not yet thought about what to include in a possible new episode, but the hope of being able to work on it sooner or later is present: the developers would like to “return the favor” to the fans who supported the two titles released so far, as the Splatoon community is generally one of the most active and passionate.