Wolfenstein Youngblood, MachineGames Confirms: No Ray Tracing Support at Launch

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Thoughtful of announcing the system specifications of Wolfenstein Youngblood, MachineGames executive producer Jerk Gustafsson confirms the absence of support for Ray Tracing at the launch of Bethesda’s next ambitious sci-fi shooter.

From the columns of VentureBeat, the manager of the Swedish software house tries to shed light on the matter by explaining that “we are working together with Nvidia to support Ray Tracing, but unfortunately it will not be available at the time of launch. Nvidia’s engineers are still working to make sure their Youngblood Ray Tracing solution is the best possible for the game, so the DXR update arrival date still needs to be determined, but from what we’ve seen so far, we’re sure that will be fine”.

Based on the assurances of MachineGames’ top management, the dynamic lighting technology in Ray Tracing should guarantee an even more immersive graphic experience to those who will impersonate the twin daughters of the legendary BJ Blazkowicz on PC, taking full advantage of the RT Core and Tensor Core of their board Nvidia GeForce video from the RTX family. We do not know, however, how the Ray Tracing will be implemented and what effects it will produce in the lighting system and in the management of reflections and shadows within Wolfenstein Youngblood.

In any case, we remind you that the Bethesda sci-fi shooter will be available starting July 26th on PC, PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.