Nintendo: Shigeru Miyamoto Remembers Satoru Iwata in a Book


That the father of Super Mario, Shigeru Miyamoto and the unforgettable former president of Nintendo Satoru Iwata, who died in 2015, were very close friends, is well known. A book released today in Japan contains an interview with Miyamoto that sheds more light on the depth of the relationship between the two.

“For me he was a friend first and foremost. He never made me feel like he was my boss or as if I worked for him. He never gave up, we never argued over anything.” In short, Miyamoto recounts that there has never been any friction between them, despite the fact that Iwata, seven years younger than him, had become his boss.

“Normally, if someone younger than you and with fewer years of experience becomes president, it can become difficult to get along with, but it has never been like this. It has always been obvious that he was more suited for the position than me, so don’t “It was never a problem. Maybe it was the thing that allowed us to be really friends.”

The friendship between the two began … at the table. “Nintendo does not pay for social expenses, so we had to be Roman for the bill. And then it became a tradition that lasted even after he became president and I was the manager”.

Miyamoto then talked about Nintendo’s current situation, without Iwata: “Since there is no more Nintendo is still doing well. It has left a legacy that can be seen in the work of younger employees today. The only problem is that if I get some weird ideas, I don’t have anyone to share it with the following Monday. I can’t hear him say “Oh about that thing …”, and it’s kind of a problem for me. It makes me sad. “

The lunch conversations between Iwata and Miyamoto were in fact always full of ideas, and it was from one of these that the idea was born for what later became the Nintendo DS after the then-president Hiroshi Yamauchi had requested the development of a device with two screens.

What do you think of Miyamoto’s words?