Bloodstained: The Team Had to Follow a Particular Rule to Create the Bosses

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Born after a five-year development and funded thanks to Kickstarter, Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night, he is the last exponent of the “Igavania”, as the genre of Metroidvania created by Koji Igarashi, former producer of Castlevania, is affectionately called.

Just Igarashi, in a recent interview, revealed a particular background regarding the development of the videogame itself, which will make the community smile. In fact, it seems that there was a very precise rule that the developers had to follow in creating the boss fight for the title (which has just received Iga’s BackPack, the first DLC of Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night).

“I wouldn’t call it a design guideline, but Bloodstained had to follow a rule I made the whole team adhere to. In practice, the developer who created the boss must be able to defeat him without ever being hit and using only the knife (and we almost didn’t succeed!”, declared Igarashi.

“This way we are sure that it is possible to beat a boss without being hit, regardless of difficulty, and by doing so we reduce the number of” unfair “attacks by enemies. By removing this part, players can ask themselves what they could have done to avoid a game over, for example, it makes you want to challenge the boss again using a different method, it’s a golden rule that we follow in our games (but really, don’t ask us to complete this challenge more than once!) “.

What do you think of his words?