COD: Modern Warfare Teaser Trailer of Gunsmith, the Weapon Customization System

COD Modern Warfare: No Micro-Transactions at Launch

After having promised us well-structured multiplayer maps in Call of Duty Modern Warfare, the guys at Infinity Ward publish on their social channels the first teaser trailer for Gunsmith, the module we will use to customize our digital soldier’s weapons.

On the basis of the information shared by Activision’s editorial director, David Hodgson, we discover that shooter fans will have five slots to fill with their favorite primary and secondary weapons, each of which has multiple levels of customization.

Players will thus be able to customize the gaming experience both in the main campaign and in the multiplayer modes to adapt the equipped weapons and related grafts to their own style. The same Hodgson, in the teaser trailer that you can see at the bottom of the news, shows us an assault rifle and its many modular components. From the grip to the holographic viewfinder, up to the football shape and the silencer, Infinity Ward promises to offer us an incredibly wide range of grafts to choose from.

Before leaving you to the new COD Modern Warfare video, we remind you that Activision’s ambitious FPS will be available starting October 25th on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.