Disney Buys Activision? According to Analysts It Could Be a Good Investment

Disney Buys Activision

Activision Blizzard is going through a not-too-healthy period on the stock market with the price of shares dropping continuously for months and various internal changes regarding executives and presidents, with key figures who have abandoned their role after years of work.

Based on these factors Gerber Kawasaki Inc analyst Nick Licouris launched speculation about the possible purchase of Activision by Disney. The house of Mickey Mouse, Star Wars and Marvel could benefit greatly from this investment, especially with regard to the eSports sector and the countless franchises ( think of Call of Duty or Skylanders ) that could turn into successful TV programs.

Disney already broadcasts the Overwatch League games on its TV channels (including ESPN and ESPN 2), that of eSports on television is a constantly growing sector and Disney could be interested in expanding through important acquisitions. It is true that in recent years the company has already invested heavily in the video game sector, then abandoned after the poor income generated by the Disney Infinity project, remaining active in the field only with the distribution of licenses.

According to Nick Licouris ” the advantages of such an acquisition would be too many to be underestimated “, in any case, we reiterate that this is simple speculation not commented by Disney and Activision.