EA Access Will Also Be Available on Playstation 4 Tomorrow

EA Access and Origin Access Free in the Week of E3 2019

After the announcement of a few months ago, the arrival of EA Access on PS4 is finally going to become reality, as the subscription service of the gaming giant, already available on Xbox One, will arrive tomorrow on the Sony console.

EA had already confirmed the arrival of a list of titles that will be available tomorrows, such as Battlefield V, Burnout Paradise Remastered, FIFA 19 (with EA Access it will be possible to try FIFA 20 in advance), Mass Effect Andromeda and Titanfall 2. From note that there are some differences between the Xbox One version and the PS4 version of the service regarding the games offered.

On Xbox One there is a greater quantity of titles, but it is worth remembering that Microsoft’s console supports backward compatibility, while Sony’s does not. Probably things will change with PS5, so we’ll see how eventually the EA service will adapt to the situation.

The games in the EA Access catalogs should not be removed, as stated by the publisher himself, although there are some exceptions, such as FIFA 14, for example, whose servers are no longer active. However, players can continue to play it offline, if the title is still installed on their console.

What do you think of the arrival of EA Access on PS4? Will you subscribe to the Electronic Arts service?