Evo 2019: Playstation Becomes an Official Sponsor. Ads Coming In?

Evo 2019

A piece of interesting news is coming up regarding the EVO 2019, the most important event dedicated to combat video games and their tournaments, which this year will be held from August 2nd to 4th in Las Vegas, California.

Two weeks before the event began, the organizers announced an agreement with PlayStation, which thus becomes the official sponsor of EVO 2019, as stated on the official Twitter profile of the event.

“We are excited to announce the partnership with PlayStation for EVO 2019. Eight of the nine main events will be presented by PS4. Don’t miss anything and stay tuned for more PlayStation news at EVO.”

That Sony, therefore, decides to take advantage of the situation and announce some interesting news? Fans have already begun to get off balance: there are those who hope for a return of PlayStation All-Stars, and those who are more inclined towards the arrival of a PlayStation character in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, also the protagonist of the event.

For the moment we just have to wait: what do you think of this new collaboration? Do you hope for any particular announcement?