Fortnite: Opening the Competitive on Consoles, Upcoming Events for PS4

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Fortnite’s competition has always focused on PC, despite cross-play. The same World Cup this weekend (which will also see the blue Carnifex protagonist) will be played on a PC. However, it seems that Epic Games has every intention of involving the other platforms on which the battle royale is present.

The recent Xbox X Fortnite tournament is there to prove it. Not only: it seems that even the mobile (even if at the moment they are only rumors) will have its own tournaments.

The news, apparently, is related to PlayStation 4. The Sony console will receive its exclusive Fortnite tournament. The announcement went a bit quietly. An Epic community manager reassured Sony players about Fortnite’s subreddit that a PS4 Cup is coming.

The details are still smoky but something is known: the prize pool for the event will probably be the same as Epic has used for most of their recent events ( ie $1,000,000 ). The prize pool – despite the huge amount – now seems to be the standard for almost all the tournaments organized by Epic.

The problem with the Fortnite console versions is that they do not have large customization options for the gamer experience. Frame rate and quality are practically limited, but this could also be a good thing since it puts everyone at the same quality level.

Now that Xbox One and PlayStation 4 are opening up to the competitive, it remains outside Nintendo Switch. Who knows if Epic decides to tickle the active community on the Nintendo console with some dedicated tournaments.