GTA Online: The Rollout of the Diamond Casino & Resort Update Has Begun

GTA Online: The Rollout of the Diamond Casino

As reported by Rockstar Intel, the rollout of the new Grand Theft Auto V update has just begun: this substantial update will inaugurate the Casinos in GTA Online, with today’s opening of the Diamond Casino & Resort.

The patch weighs 3.2 GB on Xbox One and 3.4 GB on PlayStation 4 while on PC the update requires about 3 GB of free space. At the moment the update does not seem to be available for download in Europe yet, the rollout will be completed today (Tuesday, July 23, 2019), when the Diamond Casino & Resort will officially open its doors.

The Diamond Casino & Resort promises to give us an immersion in unbridled luxury thanks to activities and games of chance like Roulette, Slot Machines and Poker, without forgetting the shops where to stock up on gadgets and clothing. Pending the opening, Rockstar announced the GTA Online Diamond Program with rewards and exclusive prizes for members.