GTA Online, Waiting for the Casino: Discover the Diamond Program With Exclusive Prizes!

GTA Online

Today, July 23, the Diamond Casino & Resort will finally open its doors in GTA Online’s Los Santos, a place nestled in the Vinewood hills where all aspiring criminals will be able to try their luck playing Roulette, with Slot Machines, Poker, and many others gambling games.

Waiting for its opening, Rockstar Games has well thought of presenting Diamond Program, which will reward all the most affectionate players who will try the new contents in the period between July 23 and August 7 with exclusive items.

  • Silver Status: buying the luxury penthouse, or redeeming it for free with Twitch Prime, will give you Silver status. You will receive the È Carica painting and the classic Diamond t-shirt;
  • Gold Status: once you have acquired Silver status, if you help Tao Cheng protect the Diamond from a family of Texan magnates by completing the second cooperative mission “A beautiful clean up”, you will get Gold status. You will be rewarded with an exclusive livery for the new Truffade Thrax and the Truffade shirt;
  • Platinum status: you will need a lot of work to become a Platinum player. After obtaining Gold status, you will have to complete 5 Casino Assignments for Agatha Baker (accumulating quite a bit of money and chips in the meantime) to receive the 7 lucky tattoos and the Ära Kronos luxury watch;
  • Diamond Status: the most prestigious status is reserved only for Platinum players who will complete all cooperative missions. There are exclusive liveries as prizes: Platinum members who host the missions as hosts will receive a livery for a new coveted vehicle; those who complete missions by participating in sessions hosted by another player will receive the livery for the new Annis S80RR.