Joy Problems – With Drifting on Switch: The Comment From Nintendo


Last week there was a lot of talk about the Joy-With Drifting on Switch, a problem that seems to hit the analog stick of Joy-Con, which would stop at a certain point to respond correctly to inputs, a problem that affects both older models and those latest.

After the multiplication of reports on the main social networks, in the United States a class action against Nintendo has even been started, a situation that has pushed the house of Kyoto to publish an official declaration about it through the pages of The Verge:

At Nintendo, we take into serious consideration the feedback of the players and the problems encountered by the buyers. We are very attentive to the construction quality of our products and continuously improve the production processes. Recently, various reports report cases of Joy-Con that do not respond correctly to inputs, in this case, we invite you to visit the Nintendo support sites to obtain the necessary assistance.

In North America, Nintendo offers a 12-month warranty on the console and 90-day warranty on accessories, if the controller is covered by a warranty it will be replaced without additional charges, on the contrary, the repair may not be particularly convenient, there was talk of a cost on Reddit $40 for out-of-warranty repair, $ 10 less than the cost of a new Joy-Con. In any case, Nintendo does not intend to ignore the problem and will do everything to meet the needs of consumers.